Who are we ?

Based in Zug, Swibeco has developed the Swibeco Lunch Card to offer a simple and effective alternative to paper meal vouchers. Today, Swibeco is positioned as the Swiss specialist in meal vouchers on card.

Swibeco‘s aim is to significantly step up the use of meal vouchers in Switzerland by providing a simple, modern offer that  constitutes a source of progress for all stakeholders: employers, employees and merchants.


Director | Swibeco

After more than two years of market survey, Alexis de Font-Réaulx noticed that the Swiss meal voucher market was underdeveloped and relied on processes that provided little value for companies and employees.  In order to provide a top of the range answer to Swiss companies’ and employees’ high level expectations, he thus decided to launch in partnership with Cornercard-Logo-Original-300x40 an innovative and modern alternative to paper-based meal vouchers in the form of a pre-paid card distributed under the MealForYou brand (now known as Swibeco Lunch Card).

In 2019, BenefitsForYou merged its operations with Swibeco, a pioneer in the field of discounts and other personalized employee benefits. Together, Swibeco and BenefitsForYou aim to strengthen their position in the Swiss Fringe Benefits market by offering their customers the most complete digital Benefits package in Switzerland.

Our partners


Founded in Lugano in 1952, Cornèr Bank is a private and independent Swiss banking institution.

In 1975, it was the first bank in Switzerland to launch the Visa credit card. Through on-going innovation, it contributed significantly to shaping Switzerland’s credit card landscape. Cornèr Bank added MasterCard card to its portfolio in 1998, and took on the exclusive Diners Club issuing licence for Switzerland and Luxembourg in 2014. Cornèr Bank, whose Cornèrcard division is responsible for the issuance of payment cards, offers a wide range of credit and prepaid cards based on state-of-the-art technologies and today is also considered a pioneer of online banking. Cornèr Bank was one of Europe’s first banking institutions to introduce secure e-commerce standards and continues to develop its services in the area of e-commerce and mobile commerce.


Card division of Corner Bank, Cornèrcard is the Swiss leader in prepaid cards based on the Visa technology

Cornèrcard offers a broad spectrum of credit and prepaid cards as well as customised solutions for corporate cards based on the latest technologies, and is also a pioneer in the online area. As one of Europe’s leading banks, it introduced the secure e-commerce standard and constantly strives to develop its performance in the areas of e-commerce and mobile commerce.

Cornèrcard benefits from a longstanding experience in electronic payment systems which inspires trust.


Visa, the leading payment system in Europe.

Visa is constantly working at the forefront of technology to introduce new, easier, and more secure payment options. Visa is a European membership organisation incorporated in the UK, partnering with Visa Inc., but operating as an entirely separate organisation.

Visa provides the brand, systems, services, and rules that help make electronic payments between millions of European consumers, businesses, and governments happen. While it does this, the banks and other service providers who are members of Visa Europe issue payment cards, sign up retailers, and decide cardholder and retailer fees.