Swibeco Lunch Card

First meal voucher in card format, the Swibeco Lunch Card is a food-based benefit in kind. Funded by the employer, it gives employees additional purchasing power of up to CHF 180 per month or CHF 2 160 per year, exempt from tax and social security contributions.

The Swibeco Lunch Card has the largest acceptance network for meal vouchers in Switzerland, including all supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, delicatessens, canteens and fast food outlets—over 30,000 merchants accept this solution, which is only for meal expenses.

The Swibeco Lunch Card exempts the user from all tax and social security contributions up to CHF 180 per employee, per month. This amounts to an additional annual net purchasing power of CHF 2,160.

It is aimed at all types of businesses, regardless of size (from one employee), structure (one centralised site or multiple sites) or location (city or countryside).