Swibeco Lunch Card vs Meal allowance paid in cash

The Swibeco Lunch Card is a very appealing alternative to a meal allowance paid in cash.

It is exempted from social security contributions and taxes up to 2,160 CHF per year and per employee, thus enabling you to give your employees additional purchasing power dedicated to meals & food.


For example, a meal allowance equivalent to 2,160 CHF paid in cash would cost you 2,311 CHF* and your employees would receive a net purchasing power after tax of only 1,406 CHF**. Therefore, you save 151 CHF per employee and your employees receive 754 CHF additional purchasing power!

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* based on 7% employer social security contributions
** based on 7% employee social security contributions and 30% income tax

On top of this significant financial incentive, the Swibeco Lunch Card also has three major advantages over lump sums.


A purchasing power to spend on meal & food

With the Swibeco Lunch Card you can be sure that your financial contribution is solely being used for meals and proper lunch breaks, which are an important factor of productivity.

Accepted almost everywhere

The Swibeco Lunch Card can be used in the wide network of establishments that accept lunch checks in Switzerland: supermarkets, minimarkets, restaurants, delicatessens, canteens and fast food outlets, i.e. more than 30,000 establishments. Employees will be sure to enjoy an ever-varied lunch break and a real time-out for a sense of well-being and balance.

A straightforward, modern card

The Swibeco Lunch Card is simple, smart, well-adapted to modern life and will bring out the best in your employees. It is easy to use and both you and your employees will be given web tools to help with the daily management of the card.