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Would you like to enjoy the benefits of Swibeco Lunch Card and get an annual CHF 2,160 per employee exempt of tax and social security contributions ?

Get in touch with Swibeco by dialling 021 321 00 00 or filling out our contact form. A sales representative will help sign you up.
What are you waiting for ? Don’t wait any longer and become a partner!
Our contracts require no long-term commitment and orders can be terminated at any time.

We will then open a sub-account with our banking partner Cornèr Bank Logo_Cornèr_Bank-300x61 . Your Swibeco Lunch Card voucher contributions will be paid into this account. We do not have access to this sub-account, which is blocked. It serves for topping up your employees’ Swibeco Lunch Cards only and ensures that your payments are correctly used, i.e. to reimburse the merchants where the cards are used

We will also set you up with a customised extranet account to allow you to manage your cards and place orders with ease.

What your employees receive

Your employees will receive their Swibeco Lunch Card at their home address around one week after your order has been processed.

The Swibeco Lunch Card will bear their name and a confidential PIN code will be sent to them in a separate letter. They will then have the option to change their PIN code at any ATM machine (please note that the cards are contactless, meaning no PIN code is necessary for till purchases of CHF 40 and under at conventional contactless terminals).

A practical guide available in French, German and Italian will be sent with the Swibeco Lunch Card to explain its benefits and how it works.


Your employees can then access their card balance and perform certain operations (eg. block the card if lost) by downloading the Swibeco Lunch Card app or by calling our user call centre operated by our partner Cornèrcard (open 24/7 in English, French, German and Italian – CHF 1.40 per minute).