BenefitsForYou, the Swiss specialist in card-based meal vouchers, is launching the MealForYou card!

BenefitsForYou, a Swiss company based in Lausanne, is launching the MealForYou card, the first-ever card-based meal voucher.

Alexis de Font-Reaulx, founder and CEO, was able to familiarise himself with several different meal voucher markets in Europe. After observing that the Swiss meal voucher market was underdeveloped and that it relied on processes that provided little value for companies and employees, Alexis de Font-Reaulx decided to launch the MealForYou card.

The MealForYou card is an innovative alternative to paper meal vouchers. Simple and elegant, it is a modern solution. The client companies and employee users have access to Internet tools and a mobile application to streamline day-to-day management.

The MealForYou card is accepted in the largest network of businesses that take meal vouchers in Switzerland, including all supermarkets*, minimarkets, restaurants, delicatessens, canteens and fast food outlets—over 30,000 outlets where this solution, which is only for meal expenses, can be used.

With the MealForYou card, companies and employees enjoy total annual tax and social security contribution exemptions of CHF 2,160 per employee.

“Our aim is to significantly step up the use of meal vouchers in Switzerland by providing a simple, modern offer that  constitutes a source of progress for all stakeholders: employers, employees and merchants,” Alexis de Font-Reaulx states.